What Are Hot Rods?

What are Hot rods?

In simply put words, Hot Rods are American cars with large modified engines to increase their speed and acceleration. Read on to get the complete info on hot rods here.

How and why these cars came to be known by the term "hot rod” is not clear. Unsure about the origin of the term "hot rod.”, one explanation is that the term is a contraction of "hot roadster," meaning a roadster that was modified for speed. Open roadsters were the obvious cars of choice to modify as they were light.

Another justification for the name – Hot Rod is that when the mufflers were exposed, there was a "hot rod" or hot muffler neck when the vehicle was running. Hot Rod may also refer to the connecting rods or pushrods inside the engine.

Hot rods are an American marvel. The restoration of old cars became a passion with many people and was almost like the national sport of the United States suddenly, everyone wanted a hot rod. It was the name given to any vintage car, but it especially referred to Ford which had been improved to enhance performance by reducing the weight of the vehicle.

Due to the rising demand and popularity of these cars, multiple different styles and types of the hot rods spawned. As you will see, most hot rods have minimalist chassis with no roof, hood, windscreens or fenders. At times, the original engines of the car are removed and replaced with lighter and more efficient ones in order to raise the highest speed capacity of the vehicle. The modeling of a hot rod was considered a work of art and thus individuals loved to exhibit their re-done cars to the public. Just browse the site to know more about hot rod sport.