Hot Rods In Modern World

Hot rods today are both popular and as well as enjoy big business. The National Hot Rod Association has turned hot rodding into a nationwide spectator sport, thus generating millions of dollars annually from events, television coverage, and advertising. Hot Rods attract thousands of participants to events, often held over three-day weekends at regional fairgrounds, campgrounds, and other public arenas. The NSRA is the largest club in the world and sponsors many local events including the Street Rod Nationals. In a way, what started as a way to achieve results without money has become a way to accumulate and spend it vast amounts.

Hot rods in modern world are thriving with the speed and custom parts industries producing every kind of hot-rodding and customizing component conceivable. The industry sees not only new products arriving regularly, but has no trouble turning the dreams of a hot rodder enthusiast into realty.. If you are wealthy enough, you can order a designer-built, one-of-a-kind hot rod to capture first honors at any show You can joy ride down your very own boulevard of dreams.

There is still a lively Hot Rod culture worldwide, especially in the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia and Sweden. The hot rod community has now been divided into two main sub groups: hot rodders and street rodders. Hot rodders are built using a lot of original, old parts, following the styles that were popular from the 1940s through the 1960s. Street rodders build cars using primarily new parts.

There are many different sects of Hot rods today.

Street Rods

The street rods are a unique blend of hot rods, custom cars, and modern Detroit cars. With the attention on high end custom paint jobs, luxury leather interiors, modern engines and running gear, they are actually far away from the idea of power-is-everything genesis of classic hot rods.

Pro-Street Rods

These feature mildly customized sedan and coupe models that one would not normally associate with hot rodding, retaining all the other luxury features of Street Rods.

Billet Rods

These are noted by many items being machined from Billet aluminum.

Traditional Rods

These hot rods are built according to a particular point in time following certain build techniques and materials.

Rat rods

These are built to look like old time jalopies, although some times requiring more work than a show rod.

Show Rods

Hot Rods created to compete in National Car Shows such as AMBR -America's Most Beautiful Roadster, and the Detroit Autorama.

With the arrival of the Plymouth Prowler, Panoz AVI and hot-selling Chrysler PT Cruiser, clearly, latest Hot rods are here to stay while making a bid for mainstream acceptance. The hot rods are clearly successful in retaining at some of their outlaw charm, for both the young and for the young at heart. With the elements of their definition getting deeper, modern hot rods will never lose their craze it seems.