Hot Rods Reborn As Street Rods

The fascination with hot rod cars continues even today. Several thousands of hours are spent by hot rod enthusiasts fixing up their cars. You'll find many people improving and updating their hot rod cars. It is a passion with them and they take active participation in hot rod races or hot rod shows. Some individuals simply enjoy keeping them in their garage as a pride while tooling on them in their free time.

Somewhere about the time, the term "Street Rod" originated. Although it's sometimes used interchangeably with hot rod, it really is different from the hot rods. Street rod is a car more street friendly for everyday use and has to be functional and safe. It is not as much built just for speed and racing. Moreover they can be modified as much as the owner wants. They also have to be functional and safe. They are not for racing.

Today, the street rods have further evolved into cars built more for a show. Most of them are only driven occasionally or not at all. They only come out of the garage to be transported to a show or competition in an enclosed car trailer. Owners are sometimes so obsessed with keeping their "show car" immaculate, that driving the car on the street isn't seen favorable by them as they want the car to reach the show in "showroom" condition.

If you're a striving hotrodder, it is difficult to find the old muscle cars and early Fords. But the rising demand has given rise to companies that specialize in building replica parts. So you can lay your hands on a great looking rod from the ground up, including steel or fiberglass bodies and frames. Today you can find parts available to build any of the most popular classic hot rods and street rods.